nconfLast week, the creators of NConf, a new Nagios configuration tool, released a new version. Tobias Redel and I wrote an article for the last issue of Linux Magazin. We were both very impressed, because the tool is the first config tool that works in environments with multiple Nagios servers. It can create active configuration for the polling server and also create a passive config for the central Nagios server, recieving all of its checkresults passive via NSCA.
Another problem of webbased configtools is speed. Normaly it takes significantly longer to configure hundreds of hosts via web than with vi or other editors. NConf helps speeding up configuration times by providing time saving tools like host cloning or bulk updates of multiple hosts or services.
Version 1.2.5 now added the folowing features:

  • clone services between different hosts
  • a graphical treeview of host dependencies
  • an editor for static configuration files
  • an importer of existing Nagios configuration files
  • a database API

Even with the last two features being still in beta, we think NConf is heading into the right direction. The importer will make it much easier to integrate NConf into existing Nagios environments. The tool can be downloaded at

Julian Hein
Julian Hein
Executive Chairman

Julian ist Gründer und Eigentümer der NETWAYS Gruppe und kümmert sich um die strategische Ausrichtung des Unternehmens. Neben seinem technischen und betriebswirtschaftlichen Background ist Julian häufig auch kreativer Kopf und Namensgeber, beispielsweise auch für Icinga. Darüber hinaus ist er als CPO (Chief Plugin Officer) auch für die konzernweite Pluginstrategie verantwortlich und stösst regelmässig auf technische Herausforderungen, die sonst noch kein Mensch zuvor gesehen hat.