Originally presented at Conference on Nagios 2008 as a prototype, the first release candidate of NETWAYSGrapherV2 is now ready.
It uses the NETWAYS AppKit – a framework developed to provide a fully featured base for the Grapher – and real-time charts are implemented in Adobe Flex .
The new installer is supposed to ease the pain of previous installation processes, and the major features are listed below because we didn’t want to spend so long writing complete sentences…

  • PHP frontend
  • extensive use of Ajax
  • Adobe Flex chart engine
  • MySQL backend
  • internal housekeeping of data (similar to RRD)
  • real-time aggregation of data
  • dashboards (configuration via web frontend)
  • user- and role management via frontend
  • Ajax search for hosts and services
  • full-screen view
  • navigation toggle
  • automatic data collector for perf data and plugin output
  • full support for check multi

Let’s download the archive of pleasure right now from netways.org, the new platform for Open-Source Projects from NETWAYS, which enables everybody to create new bug reports and feature requests.
Have fun!