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Multiple choice: DNS servers

Some people say "everything is a f...ine DNS problem" - we say: you have the choice. Whether you're a developer who needs a DNS name server on your laptop to test your latest distributed whizbang app in a taxi, or whether you're a network administrator who has to offer DNS services to a corporate environment: which DNS server should you choose?
In this short talk I'll give a quick overview of the choice you have:
authoritative vs. recursive; big vs. small; database vs. files; complex vs. simple; DNS and/or DNSSEC.
Take one, take two, take 'em all: they're free! 

Jan-Piet Mens

Jan-Piet Mens is an independent Unix/Linux consultant and sysadmin who's worked with Unix-systems since 1985. JP does odd bits of coding, and works extensively with the Domain Name System and as such, he authored the book Alternative DNS Servers as well as a variety of other technical publications. He also dreamed up the Open Source OwnTracks project. (