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Monitoring solutions for the next decade Monitoring solutions for the next decade


Monitoring Solutions for the Next Decade (EN)

For now, open source monitoring has been focused on technical monitoring. That's good but not enough because of the new importance of the monitoring process in enterprises (ITIL). So, during the speech I'll explore the new ways and possibilities to conduct a more business-oriented approach to monitoring and achieve a complete monitoring cycle in enterprises. A monitoring that will fit technicians as well as businessmen. We are now facing very distributed information systems (virtualization, vloud computing) that makes technical monitoring more difficult to achieve (no possibility, for example to install an agent in the cloud). Furthermore I will talk about end user experiences about monitoring or behaviour driven monitoring, log centralization and management and its transition.

Olivier Jan

Oliver Jan is the founder of the French monitoring community and author of the first French language Nagios book. He has worked with open source solutions for more than 10 years and has undertaken monitoring projects in major companies throughout France, deploying solutions with more than 100,000 checks. Olivier now works in an open source company in France conducting research and development.

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  • 29 & 30 November 2011
  • Nuremberg - Germany
  • 2 days all about Nagios
  • meet | discuss | experience: Open Source!
  • over 250 international participants
  • stay at the conference hotel and get the most of the event