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Munin & NagiosMunin & Nagios


Munin & Nagios

Munin helps you see the trends in your server resource usage. This allows you to predict bottlenecks in advance. When faced with a problem, you can compare the current behaviour to historical data. Munin had a major "minor" release in 2009, which introduced new features. Next release is a new major release, with even more features. One of the features of Munin is how it can feed events to Nagios. Munin sends these events whenever a value crosses a predefined limit. Events are sent from Munin to Nagios, and are configured as passive alerts.


This talk will recap some basics of Munin, present recent features and the roadmap for the next release, look at how you can improve the performance of a munin installation and talk about integrating Munin with Nagios.

Stig Sandbeck Mathisen

Stig is working at Redpill Linpro in the Managed Services department, where he is responsible for the monitoring and automation tools deployed for all customers of Redpill Linpro, as well as managing the network and storage infrastructure. Occasionally, he is passing on his broad knowledge as a course instructor. Stig has also worked for the former national phone company in Norway, where he architected and operated large-scale mail systems, network infrastructure and firewall systems.

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