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We would like to thank each attendee for two pleasant and interesting conference days.


If you missed the conference, you can see many presentations in Linux Magazin´s streaming archive:

About the conference

The OSMC | Open Source Monitoring Conference 2010 on Nagios (formerly Nagios Conference) offers you the opportunity to improve your knowledge of one of the world’s most popular, open source monitoring systems- Nagios.
After the success and the positive feedback from the previous four conferences, NETWAYS is proud to present the Conference on Nagios in 2010. Again, this year’s conference will be in both English and German to ensure all international participants get the most from this event.

The 2010 conference features practical workshops, presentations and networking opportunities to meet and  exchange ideas with other users of Nagios.


Whether you already work with open source monitoring or are considering it, we invite you to join the Nagios community and learn from the creators and experts, aspects of Nagios that can enhance your company's IT.


Every year we look forward to top-class speakers. Excerpt of this year´s speakers list:

Dr. Johannes Mainusch

As Vice President of Operations, Dr. Johannes Mainusch supervises the operation and technical development of the XING platform, a high traffic website with over 9 million members worldwide.

Wolfgang Barth

As author of the first Nagios handbook, Wolfgang Barth’s expertise covers VMS, Digital UNIX (Tru64), SunOS/Solaris, IBM AIX and HP-UX systems. For him Linux is the logical next-step in the development of UNIX.

Rainer Jung

Rainer Jung is a member of the Apache Software Foundation. He is co-founder and managing director of kippdata Ltd. His company stands for innovative concepts and integrated solutions in large system environments.

Michael Medin

Michael Medin is an open source developer and has written an agent for monitoring windows based servers from nagios (NSClient++ ) as well as various other open source projects. 



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