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Welcome to Open Source Data Center Conference 2013

Open Source Data Center Conference | Simplifying Complex IT Infrastructures with Open Source.
This conference offers a unique opportunity to meet with Open Source professionals and insiders, gather and share expertise over 2 days of presentations, hands-on workshops and social networking. OSDC particularly addresses experienced administrators and architects. | Nuremberg 17th and 18th April 2013.


Excerpt of lecture topics

Here is an excerpt of this years conference bilingual program:

  • 2000 databases later (EN)

  • Anisble: Configuration management dosen´t have to be complicated (ENG)

  • PostgreSQL in 2013 (DE)

  • Datacenter Management with Racktables (DE)

  • Introduction into Foreman (ENG)

  • Introduction into Chef (ENG)


--> to the conference program

Excerpt of the Speakerslist

Kristian Köhntopp currently works on architecture and scaling projects at His professional experience stretches from working at MySQL AB to being a Securityfuzzi at and a builder of large mail systems at NetUSE AG.

Jan-Piet Mens is an independent Unix/Linux consultant and sysadmin who's worked with Unix-systems since 1985. Jan-Piet does odd bits of coding, and has architected infrastructure at major customers throughout Europe.

Ohad Levy is a principal software engineer in Red Hat's cloud team, where he focuses on Foreman and Katello Projects. He cares a lot about open source, together with an awesome community.

Andy Hawkins is a solution architect and technical leader. He works for Opscode the company behind the Chef configuration management platform.

Conference Add-on

In-depth workshops on the day before the OSDC

Add to your conference participation one of the offered workshops on the previous day:

  • Configuration Management with Puppet
  • Hadoop - Big Data
  • DRBD - cluster in one day

    The workshops are individually bookable in addition to the conference package. The number of participants is limited per group to ensure in-depth knowledge transfer.


    Puppet Camp Nuremberg

    The Puppet Camp Nuremberg participation, is bookable in addtion to the OSDC taking place April 19th.

    The Puppet Camp is an event for users and developers of the open source configuration management software Puppet. The objectives of the Camp are, besides to inform on the latest deployments and to exchange experiences, to provide a platform to network with a large group of Puppet developers and users. This event is not only for experienced Puppet users, but also for first-time users and developers.


    About the Organiser

    The OSDC is presented by NETWAYS Event Services GmbH, a subsidiary company of NETWAYS GmbH. NETWAYS is a leading German hosting and managed solutions provider specializing in Open Source solutions. With clientele such as Stay Friends and Bayer Schering, NETWAYS has extensive experience in managed services. NETWAYS is an active contributor to the Open Source community, organizes the annual Open Source Monitoring Conference and is an official partner of OSMB.

    For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions.