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Objective of this workshop

In this seminar you will get a broad overview of the familiar configuration management solution Puppet.
This workshop will give you a practical know-how thanks to a very good mixture of theory and practice, imparted directly from experts: From the configuration of the so-called Puppet master through the application of the different object types to individual solution scenarios.



Training-content of "Puppet Fundamentals"


Puppet Fundamentals consists of 3 days of hands-on training (including both lectures and labs) delivered by Puppet Labs partner, Netways.  (This training course replaces the former Puppet Master course.)  The class teaches students a best practice approach to managing their infrastructure using Puppet IT automation software, including:

Course content:

In this 3-day workshop you can expect:

  • Developing modules/classes on a system that represent target systems
  • Using Puppet Apply to test and iterate modules
  • Placing modules on the Puppet Master
  • Declaring appropriate classes in node definitions
  • Triggering a Puppet run using the Live Management GUI
  • Collecting and analyzing results in the Enterprise Console


The number of participants is limited to ten persons to ensure an aim-oriented and efficient realization of this workshop. This allows an intense examination of the course content and the opportunity to settle individual questions and problems.

The exchange between the participants is of particular importance for us. This is also the reason why all participants are lodged in the same hotel so that a lot of scope for discussions and exchange of experience is allowed between the participants outside the workshop hours.

Targeted audience:

During these three days we will intensively go through the mentioned topics in theory and practice. Presentations will be complemented by practical exercises. This course is ideal for those that are new to an organization already using Puppet, or experienced System Administrators wanting to bring Puppet into their teams as a new solution. Puppet Fundamentals is also the recommended preparatory training for the Puppet Certification Exam.  You will learn everything to apply Puppet successfully in this workshop.

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