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Server Housing / Colocation

Websites and internet applications are nowadays business necessities and important sales tools. The growing number of users and increasingly dynamic applications often mean a dedicated server is required to ensure uninterrupted operations.

Thanks to our state of the art technologies and infrastructures, we can offer maximum security yet flexible solutions and services to meed your individual needs. Benefit from our long standing experience in data centers, hosting and colocation.

Our data centers feature:

  • Seven fold redundant internet connection
  • 19-inch racks in locked and ventilated cabinets
  • Approx. 100cm used rack depth
  • N+1 redundant air-conditioning system
  • Temperature and humidity control by Sensatronics
  • Minimised oxygen levels for fire resistance
  • Redundant UPS 72 hour long back up battery power
  • Multiple access fuses and camera surveillance
  • High speed Internet connectivity via powerful backbones
  • Connections to all major carriers and peering points 

Hosting with support included

Management & Monitoring

After installing your servers into other data centers you’re normally on your own. Not with us - we offer predefined and customized management services and support for your server. This covers automated monitoring, managed clustered firewalls, as well as regular operating system and server application updates. All inclusive, all at fixed costs. That’s because the security and availability of your applications are our priority.

  • Server Management : Adapted management and maintenance plans for each operating system including server testing, security audits, security patch installations and updates.
  • Managed Monitoring : Integration into our Nagios monitoring system to ensure smooth operation of individual TCP ports and applications on your server, even enabling pre-emptive detection of failures and bottlenecks.
  • Managed Firewall : Reliable server protection through our redundant firewall cluster or additional management of your own dedicated firewall. Complementary hardware to rent/buy available.
  • Managed Backup : Data storage in a dedicated backup server- file backup for all databases such as MySQL, Microsoft Exchange or SQL Server and all other applications.
  • High Availability/ Cluster systems : Utilising Heartbeat, DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device) and Xen One in combination with a cluster system impedes failures and minimises down times.
  • Load balancing : Optimizing server performance according to the response times and utilization of individual servers for highest efficiency.
  • Virtualisation : Division of a physical server into several virtual systems to increase flexibility and scalability of your hardware. Allows the homogenous use of existing resources to reduce your costs while increasing capacity.
  • Server consolidation : Merging applications and data on larger platforms via virtualization to cut costs and increase your efficiency.
  • Managed Security : Optimising and maintaining your security levels via Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)
  • Alerting : Pre-emptive error notifications via your choice of e-mail, SMS or phone call through our automated monitoring system.
  • Consulting: Advice and guidance through complex installations, configurations, extensions to meet individual requirements.