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KonfigurationsverteilungConfiguration Distribution


Configuration Distribution

The larger the environment, the more automation is needed in its management. Manual administration of 10 servers is possible, but unimaginable for 100 or 1000 systems. Simply put, it costs too much. More importantly though, manual administration cannot meet the consistent quality that automated configuration distribution offers.

Tools for Linux and Windows

Test and deploy system changes faster, cheaper and with more control with automated configuration distribution. Automation means changes can be centrally distributed and monitored, simultaneously improving quality through avoiding human errors. Tools are available for Linux, Windows and other open source systems- some administer across multiple operating systems.


  • Cost savings, since recurring tasks no longer require manual work
  • Better quality, in avoiding human error
  • Better control, because changes are centrally distributed and can be monitored
  • Faster execution, as changes are distributed simultaneously and automatically

We offer

  • Consulting on tools
  • Individualised modifications programming
  • Integration
  • Consultation on design

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