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20.09.10 Monitoring Virtualized Environments: Now in Admin Magazine

The new  Linux Admin magazine offers an interesting read for those active in multifaceted data centers and their related technologies. The current edition, 05/2010 features an article by Bernd Erk on ‘ Monitoring Virtualized Environments’.

It  ...

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24.08.10 Open Source Monitoring Conference (OSMC) 6 - 7 October 2010

In a few weeks, the renowned Open Source Monitoring Conference (formerly known as Nagios Conference) will be held in Nuremberg. In its 5th year, the conference gathers the German open source community to enjoy a varied and praxis oriented program of presentations.

For the first time, an intensive workshop on SLA Reporting with Jasper Reports will run on the conference eve, 5 Oct ...

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17.08.10 NETWAYS Training: Nagios for Self-Starters 6-9 September 2010

NETWAYS presents two final Nagios foundation courses for 2010 on 6-9 September and 15-18 November. Designed for those new to the monitoring system, the workshop style course will answer questions such as:


What is Nagios and how does it work? How do I configure Nagios? How do I monitor Windows with Nagios? How are SNMP based network components integrated into Nagios? Which addons are useful for ...

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28.06.10 Monitoring Conference on Nagios: Early Bird Specials till 30 June

6 -7 October 2010, NETWAYS presents the 5th Open Source Monitoring Conference on Nagios.

Known as the Nagios Conference till 2009, this gathering of open source professionals will be held in Nuremberg for the 5th year running. Alongside high caliber presentations on the latest in open source monitoring and Nagios, the conference is known for its atmosphere conducive to idea exchange and ca ...

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25.06.10 Puppet Training: New Course 13 – 15 July 2010

NETWAYS announces a new training course on Configuration Management with Puppet to be held on 13 -15 July 2010. Conducted by the developers behind the software - Puppet Labs, this is an exclusive course Germany wide.

The course offers participants knowledge direct from the Puppet development team, and a chance to have specialized issues addressed by those who know Puppet best. For more informati ...

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